The MatheMarkets® 

Charts and Indicators Course©





This ground breaking course shows why technical Analysis is flawed and why you should instead use mathematics to draw charts and create indicators. Inside this Pdf file of over 135 slides you will find detailed guidance and instruction on how to deconstruct TA and then how to apply maths to your market analysis.


Also Included are five BRAND NEW indicators, two of which are my own original creations ! I will give you step by step instructions on how to create and use them. These are compatible with most popular trading software.


This course is suitable for traders of all levels and does not require any mathematical knowledge beyond high school. Any maths is explained in plain and simple English. I am proud to say this is my best work to date and I am confident that you will find it great valuable for money. But do note this is NOT a “guarantee to make you a winning trader “ course, there is no such thing.


So give yourself the cutting edge with Mathemarkets charts and indicators.



Sincerely Yours,


Simon Lau

Founder & Creator  



Price: GBP ₤1399 or ₤1999 for both this course and the MatheMarkets Systems course. bulk purchase discount available.


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Part 1




  •  What is the Trader’s mindset?


Exchange vs Non - exchange markets: an examination

  •  Conflict of interests, Stop loss hunting


Indicators and Charts: Objective vs Subjective


  •  Why objectivity ?


  1. Objective maths vs Subjective TA

  2. Single maths criteria for producing C & I,

  3. Subjectivity of TA criteria 

  4. Classic trendines vs Linear Regression

  5. Creating in Excel & application


TA Shape Distortion


  • Channels, support & resistances, Triangles - deconstruction

  • LR destroys all shapes

  • All shapes become unsalvageable  


TA indicators vs MM Indicators


  • Table analysis of the subjective vs objective indicators

  • TA vs MM

  • Momentum - MM vs TA

  •  * Original indicator - TMI® the True Momentum Index


Full step by step maths for programming instructions


  • Worked examples

  1. Histograms

  2. Price by volume charts



Part 2


Mathemarkets charts


* Original indicator - LRT means test®


  • Plotting & creation

  • How to use it

  • Full Excel plotting instructions


Polynomial waves: An Introduction

  • * Original indicators - The Wave series

  • Definition, application & selection

  • Elliot Wave example

  • Drawing the polynomial wave in Excel


  • Market reversal Patterns

  • Single, double, triple tops & bottoms

  • Using TA descriptions but with MM application

  • Plotting the waves using Excel

  • Many worked examples


Suggested uses of the wave indicator

  • Q & A Support with Skype, email or both


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