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(in US$, Documents in descending order)

Doc. 1 Profits: [ ( 5398-3350) x 1.5 ] + 3277 ] = $6349

Doc. 2 Investment funding from Broker = $ 1500 credit

Doc. 3 Money refunded due to Broker mistakes = (300 x 1.5 ) = $450

Docs. 4 & 5 Profits: (2090 + 1215) =  ($3305 - losses .....) = $1970

Funding = $820

Therefore (6349 + 450 +1970) / (1500 + 820) = 3.8X  Return on investment (ROI).

Please Note:

1) I started this with $1500 CREDIT, so did I made money from nothing ?

2) Most of the winnings came from spreadbetting, where it is estimated between 80-90% of traders are losers.

3) This 3.8 X return on investment could be scaled up to larger amounts and you would still get excellent returns.

4) This was done on a part-time basis, mostly when I worked full time in Singapore. I was able to catch some of the European / USA stock markets in the evenings.

5) Just a quick note about trading records, to be a bona fide record, it should be:

  • An official broker letter or trade statement detailing profits and losses.

  • Traded regularly over a period of at least 2 years

  • Are not 1 off so called live trades, as these are ' one - offs '. They can't be repeated with consistency.

  • Not simply a cheque for $xxx, I can easily withdraw funds from my account and show you a large cheque, it means nothing.

  • Any other representation which does not disclose fully and transparently the trader's record.


6) Lastly, I put this up not because I want to show off but because there is so much cynicism amongst the trading public that it seems no one without a good record has the credibility to offer something of value though they may not even be teaching " How to win on the markets " type of courses. So my apologies for this.

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